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photo courtesy of Kate Jones

I provide labor and birth support for families in the Sioux Empire area including both hospital and midwife attended home births.


Labor Doula Package Includes:


  • No obligation initial consultation (free)

  • Unlimited contact via phone, text or email to answer questions and provide additional information as needed starting with a signed service agreement

  • 2 in-home prenatal visits to get better acquainted, discuss your birth wishes, review comfort measures and relaxation techniques, and provide additional information and resources  

  • On call 24/7 starting at 37 weeks- readily available by phone

  • Continuous labor support through delivery and up to two hours after birth

  • Help with initial breastfeeding if needed

  • 1 postpartum in-home visit to discuss your birth experience, check on you and baby and answer any questions that you have

What Clients Say

"Beth is truly a birthing angel. Her calm, sweet voice is so empowering and soothing. She enabled me to find my inner strength and in every way supported us in the birth of our daughter, as well as the months leading up to our big day. She was a vital member of our team that created a birthing experience that was so intimate and perfect. I will never be able to thank her enough for her role in our birthing experience and how important she was to me on that day. Beth perfectly embodies the role of a doula, and she shines at bringing what you want to light."        -E.S.

 "After a traumatic birth with my first child, I anticipated the need for additional support going into my second birth. From the moment I met Beth, I knew we needed her on our team. Our consultation and subsequent appointments were comprehensive, thoughtful and informative. She was able to provide well-instructed guidance, answer questions diplomatically, listen intently and provide professional support. We knew what to expect from her and felt prepared going into week 41 of pregnancy. When the time arrived, Beth was prompt, compassionate and prepared. There was not a detail overlooked as she gracefully assisted my partner and I over the course of our 22 hour labor.

The experience of my second birth has left the most positive of impressions on me. The courage and empowerment I experienced through Beth's guidance and support has reinforced my self confidence as a woman and as a mother and it provided me the opportunity to achieve the most restorative and redemptive birth I could have asked for."          -A.O.

"I started out my pregnancy not even considering hiring a doula. I tend to internalize in pain and stress, so I didn’t think it would be beneficial for me. Well, I ended up asking Beth to be present at my delivery, and I’m so glad I did! She anticipated my needs before I even knew what I needed. She was my advocate. She coached my husband on how to best support me. And she gives the best back rubs (for HOURS nonstop. Praise Jesus for her endurance!). She was previously a labor delivery nurse for 10 years, so she has tons of experience and is well respected by the hospital staff. If we’re ever given the honor of having another baby, you better believe Beth will be there. If you’re pregnant and in the Sioux Falls area, I highly recommend considering Beth as your doula! You’ll be so thankful you did!"     -L.E.

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